It's a game...a very expensive one to be exact...


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Mar 1, 2005
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Computer Buying....

Ahhh, some people find it enjoyable, some tedious, some stressful. After reading all these posts about "what should I do" and when should i buy this and when should i buy that. Truly, You just need to bite the bullet sometime and give up the hope of always having the latest and greatest technology. It is not going to happen. Steve Jobs is a very wealth, rich man. He has everything planned, just like in the keynote, you saw how he already had mac engineers working on development for intel processors. He has the operating system after next already planned out, he has the next transition probably planned out too. If you keep on saying "should i wait, should i wait" your going to end up being very unhappy and you will be waiting and waiting for the latest and greatest system to come out, and it never will, it is a viscious cycle, and that;s why he is a rich man. Also, the same software that you bought on and came with the system today still performs at the same speed as when you bought the computer...If you just kept yourself in a box, away from all humanity, you would never notice anything getting slower, and you would truly appreciate your product.

If any of you agree or feel different. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reply.. .

Also, I can understand always having to want the greatest technology, because you have to spend a lot of money on it. If you always want the latest technology, dont buy a powermac, get an Imac, because the difference in price allows you to upgrade to different models more often. :D


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Sep 30, 2003
pianodude123 said:
Computer Buying....

If you keep on saying "should i wait, should i wait" your going to end up being very unhappy and you will be waiting and waiting for the latest and greatest system to come out, and it never will, it is a viscious cycle, and that;s why he is a rich man.

AGREED. You forgot to mention how "gaming" in this way plants the seeds for full blown obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic anxiety attack, social phobia, agoraphobia, every kind of phobia. But mostly OCD.

Most cult of mac'ers won't admit to it, but if they saw a clinical description of OCD, they'd fit it to the tee. But of course, since they're Apple induced, they're not OC, just eccentric. :D


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Dec 17, 2002
Calm down. All hardware and software makers do the same thing to different degrees. Yeah, if I lived in a cave with no media access, I could be completely happy with my NES from 16 years ago. And you don't have to fall for the marketing hype and buy a new cellphone every couple years. In a market system, businesses improve products to make you buy again. That's just how it works. To complain about Apple specifically doing this is kind of silly.

And be prepared for a bunch of replies from people saying, "Yeah, but I like buying new computers. So there."


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Oct 24, 2003
Computers are a tool. If the tool no longer does the job, then get a new one. Otherwise, chill out and find more important things to worry about.


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May 9, 2005
No doubt it's a gamble. My PM dual 2.0 is now a week old. When I first read the Intel news I considered sending it back because I was within the 14 day grace period. I still have my windows machine, have to have it for the little asp development I do. I find myself using the Mac more and more and really can't imagine life with only the windoze box. 2 years is a long time for a computer so even if this is obsolete (which it won't be, after doing the research Apple won't abandon the PPC for quite awhile, remember for at least 3 more years there are going to be more users on G4's and G5's than there will be on the new Intel platform, from a purely economic standpoint it would be crazy for Apple to abandon us, just won't happen. I know for sure I'll need to replace my windoze box (Athlon XP 3000) before I will this one.


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Apr 7, 2003
pianodude123 said:
pay no attention to this post i am making right now....i dont know how to get rid of it...
Tech support is a touchy subject in a lot of ways. I prefer to deal with companies by email only or, if I have a problem go to an Apple Store, or maybe an Apple Reseller. Some people like to talk though and that's cool. Just remember that yes, they gave you bad info but your dilemna isn't really about that it's about your indecision. I went back and forth for 3 months about whether to get an iBook or a PB so I know how you feel.

Put down the phone, step back and just forget about it for a few hours.... Then place your order for what you need the most and be done with it! You'll feel a loooot better.

I'm not trying to be patronizing, just saying that I was there too and it's tough.