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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by longwood, Sep 9, 2008.

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    May 10, 2005
    So to give you a little background: my Dad has been wanting to get a new laptop since his previous one (Toshiba about 2 years old) has slowed to a crawl. Ever since those Get a Mac commercials started airing he has been asking me a bunch of questions about Apple. So the other day when he was serious about getting a new computer and the comparison Mac vs. PC came up again. I was trying to get him to buy a Mac. His wife, on the other hand, was telling him to get a PC. I tried to explain to him that while Apple may be a little bit more expensive, you won't have anywhere near the problems that you will have if you went with Windows. His wife was telling him that he would have to learn a completely new operating system. (My Dad goes on the internet and downloads pictures from his camera - that is about it). So I responded that I'm pretty sure he'll be able to figure everything out quickly. So we go to Staples to look at what they have for Windows laptops, and my Dad wants to ask the employees the differences between "these" computers and Mac. The employee says that unless you are going to be doing graphic design and such you don't need a Mac. I held my tongue. After the guy left I tried to talk some sense into my Dad. "You don't have to worry about viruses... it's really easy to use...etc." And while he thought about it, the price was the thing he was most concerned about and ending up getting an HP from Staples.

    So we get home and he isn't the most computer literate person so his wife begins setting everything up: installing updates, etc. It asks for a restart, so she does and then it freezes. Needs to do a hard restart. Once that is all set, they work on setting up the wireless internet. We already have a router, you just have to put in the password and are good to go. So they do that but are unable to get full connectivity without restarting the router. After that is taken care of they go online to check some things out, IE doesn't respond and crashes twice. They stop using the internet. Then they decide to make some recovery discs just in case anything happens. So that process begins. It will take 3 discs to do the recovery and the first burns fine, but then the second disc fails twice and they are unable to make a recovery backup. So my Dad goes to bed without using his new computer.

    I feel really bad for him, but in the same respect I tried to warn him. If he would've just bought a Mac then he could have been playing around on it yesterday. Maybe he will learn next time. Just thought I would share my latest experience.
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    Sorry to hear about your dad's misfortune with his new PC. Hopefully, it works out and if not maybe he'll think about getting a Mac.

    It reminds me of when my dad wanted a new computer and got an HP with Windows ME, possibly the worst version of Windows. It always had issues and eventually they bought a new computer when it kept getting spyware and got slow. They've got a Vista computer now.

    On the bright side my grandmother wanted to get my brother a computer last Christmas. I helped her pick out a MacBook. He's incredibly happy :)
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    Sorry for your dad but then again.... in a few years from now when he has to get a new comp he wont question the prowess of Apple on this matter!

    [Off topic: Why "his wife", Step mom irks you?]
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    I'm obviously not the OP, and it sounds like he's still at home, but as an adult child I'm in the same boat with him. She gets the "mom" title if she had a significant hand in my development; else wise, her relation to me is through dad.

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