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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by RobHague, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Jul 8, 2005
    I got a new MBP retina recently. I am having a few niggling issues though, which are irritating me no end.

    Firstly, having made vlogs on my old Windows PC, I can tell you that Movie Maker is not nice! Its tacky and lacking basic features. Knowing OSX came with iMovie I couldn't wait to use it.

    Problem #1 is iMovie and Facetime. After recording a video from Facetime from inside iMovie, and attempting to edit it, the Audio goes out of sync. I have tried everything possible to correct it - detaching Audio / Optimising and everything else suggested on Google. Nothing helps. How such an obvious bug is present in iMovie is beyond me. I found posts on this issue dating back to 2011! :eek: All of which were unresolved. A good reason for me getting a Mac was access to decent software by default (like iMovie). After an outlay of £1800 I do not relish spending £200 on Final Cut Pro. At this point in time I just plain do not need such advanced video editing software to justify the cost.

    Problem #2 is that my desktop wallpaper will not save. I set it to a photograph and whenever I reboot its reset to some default wallpaper :confused:

    Problem #3 my mouse (Mighty Mouse) randomly disconnects. It will suddenly stop responding and I have to use to trackpad to go to Bluetooth and find it and Connect.

    Other than the above, I actually am finding my return to OSX (I had a mac in 2005) quite enjoyable. Being a long time Windows user I did feel a bit like a 'noob' at first but I am finding it much nicer to work with than Windows 8 (yes I had technet and upgraded to the RTM just before I decided to go for a new MacBook instead of another PC :D)

    P.S -- How hot is a MBPr supposed to get? I was looking at some videos online of heat tests and people were getting CPU temps at load of 100 C!!!! That sounds crazy hot. I googled the CPU and its rated up to 105 C which seems rather damn close to failure! Mine gets pretty warm around the F/S keys to the point where its almost uncomfortable to keep my fingers pressed there.
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    Jun 15, 2012
    Houston, TX USA
    This is a known issue -- a bunch of people, myself included, have this. If you search the forum for "wallpaper," there's a thread with some tips. I deleted the desktop plist, restarted the dock, and then set my desktop wallpaper again. It's been mostly staying to my choice since.
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    I had the wallpaper issue too. After a clean install of OS X I haven't had the issue.

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