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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Macshroomer, Aug 9, 2011.

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    these seem cool, and let peoples creativity flow.

    For me, my sister inlaw totally overloaded me on these stylized picts from her iPhone4 and I got so tired of seeing them on her FaceBook posts....
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    There's a reason why some commercial and fashion photographers use a Phase 1 with an 80MP back which retails for just under $ 50 000 (or a similar Mamiya/Leaf or Hasselblad system).

    The better the camera, the more a good photographer can get out of it.

    Nothing against the iPhone or the Lomo, but there are limits for professional use and billboard size prints ;)
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    Well of course, but also add to that I actually shot an ad campaign on an iPhone last year.

    The bottom line is that expensive Hasselblad is worthless without some real talent behind it, that is why the photographer matters most, he is the vision behind it........or not.

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