It's not the iPads fault

Discussion in 'iPad' started by IndianaiPhone, Jan 27, 2010.

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    The problem with so many people being let down by todays announcement is not the fault of the iPad itself. The fault falls on all the rumor sites giving us these high hopes of a Verizon iPhone, a tablet that runs OS X, and other stuff. From what I had been hearing from rumor sites I was excited for a tablet, iPhoneOS 4.0 and a new iPhone (especially a new iPhone). If not now... when? When are we going to see a new iPhone and iPhoneOS 4.0. If Apple is working on this, today would have been the perfect opportunity. I am not disappointed because of the iPad, I'm disappointed that the iPad was the only thing we saw today.
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    Either because they've under-developed it (doesn't run osx) or they've let the rumors and hype kick into over-drive or because they misread the market's desire.

    I've always said that the tablet computer is a solution in search of a problem. I still stand by that sentiment even with the iPad.

    I'd rather see something like the modbook
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    It's Apple's fault they went with an exclusive deal with AT&T. I'm not in a forgiving mood, being dead set against AT&T. I really wanted to see Jobs show us a new, multitasking iPhone that runs on Verizon. the ipad? MEH
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    no kidding, aka answer to question no one asked. apple decided that we suckers will buy anything, even if it's poop with an :apple: logo.

    imo, this thing already failed. awaiting version 2 already...
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    Apple, IMO, are just way behind in matters of advancment. Just meh, a device being thin isn't just everything..

    What does the iPad does the iPhone doesn't? iWork, iLife or iPhoto? Meh..
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    The iPunnany is entirely Apple's fault. It's a substandard product that solves a question no one asked.
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    Bemalte Blumen duften nicht.

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