it's obvious now


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Oct 21, 2001
way beyond...

apple thinks: screw the lousy GHz. everybody's got a GHz now. even stupid emachines has a GHz.

we're going for THz.

hmm.... i haven't seen anyone predicting that...


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Dec 20, 2001
that's funny :) ... well, at the point
we are... why not!!! they said .... way beyond, so that's possible after all. Don't trush me :)

Someone in the "some rumors confirmed" thread, said that the G5 is not yet ready... I really hope this is not true!!!!!! I want to buy a G5 not a G4, so if it doesn,T release on monday, i will have to wait until mid-2002... that's too far away!

ANd if apple doesn,t make G5 available on monday, that keynote isn'T so big after all.


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Dec 6, 2001
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Im still sticking to my guns. No G5. They are hyping the new iMac (not called the iMac, but thats what it'll be) not a G5. Be patient, the 64bit babies are coming........But I agree. They sure are hyping it a lot to dissapoint G5 wishful thinkers.


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Dec 25, 2001
They better release the G5 in soome from or another. I will not be able to afford one for another 6-7 months so it is crucial they release now so the prices will have dropped by the time i buy. And since none of you exist without me, then that had better be what happens, or I'll stop believing people exist at my whim which would diastrous for the world.
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