its official: iPhone in Italy, will be only 3G

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    The CEO of Telecom Italia, the incumbent company in Italy's telecoms, has officially announced that iPhone is coming to Italy, from 3G onwards (no current model). There will be no exclusive operator or revenue sharing in Italy, in a major departure from the model used in other countries. The unit price will be higher to compensate.

    More info here
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    Dec 30, 2006
    English Translation

    Courtesy of Google Translator

    The signing came directly Franco Benabè: once in those days was already in the U.S.
    For the road show presentation of his' nuovà Telecom Italy. On 31 March was in New
    York, shortly after flew to the West Coast. Destination list, with Los Angeles
    Rapid transition to Cupertino, headquarters of Apple. On the other hand on this
    Steve Jobs has been limited to: the agreements and sign at the highest levels. But it
    Been something quick, because everything was ready to seal the agreement will lead
    The iPhone in Italy in a few weeks. An agreement fruit of the work carried out by
    Luca Luciani months, the number one Tim: to be well in spotikljaj 'of paperà
    Waterloo, but can still earns the merit of being able to persuade Steve Jobs to
    Change strategy.

    The agreement is revolutionary because it marks a turning point as important as the sudden
    Strategies of the Group of Mela. It is precisely for this has been covered so far, to the point that
    Yet now indiscretions and voices are those trapelano. Revolutionary because
    With Telecom Italy, and to enter the Italian market, Jobs on the formula abbandonerebbe
    Which has so far built the success of its super-phone: Exclusive agreements,
    Only one player in every market, and the mechanism of 'revenue sharing', whereby
    Jobs collects a percentage, and also very salty, as is 30%, traffic
    Generated by each user iPhone.

    Broadly speaking incardina the agreement on the following points.
    1) The Italian market will not stare directly iPhone 2G but the new, third
    Generation: the iPhone Umts that best exploit the strong growth of networks
    Italian mobile broadband.
    2) The agreement with Telecom Italy will be based not on 'revenue sharing': no more
    Percentages traffic but a selling price higher. And not just.
    3) Finally, not an exclusive agreement with Telecom Italy, but a lead of a few months
    Granted to the group by Franco Bernabè. One advantage that is already in practice: the system Telecom
    Is essentially ready to accept in its network, technological and sales, the iPhone.
    A second operator, starting now, once officially that the Italians do not iPhone
    Tim will be exclusive, will still need time, Going out of the generic:
    Vodafone or H3g probably the first operators to benefit from the lack of exclusivity,
    Will want to run if time to bring their eventual iPhone on the market for
    Campaign next Christmas. By the summer of 2008 there will be only Tim.

    At first it seems an odd agreement. Telecom Italy earns us a lot: you take home
    IPhone for the first and paying much less than her predecessors. But why would Jobs
    Accepted all this?

    The ability to iPhone to market is undeniable. Circulent impressive numbers. For
    Example, the United States, the first market where Jobs has launched his cell about a year
    Ago, it appears that At & t has already sold 3milioni terminal, one million of whom only
    In the last quarter. But even more impressive is the fact that just under
    Half of these 3 million iPhone At & t in circulation have been triggered by new
    Users, who have left their previous operator to switch to At & t own
    For an iPhone.

    What reasons have then pushed Jobs to abandon the old strategy of 'revenue
    Sharing '?

    The explanation is that this formula can not stand still for long.

    The market is changing. The mobile world is moving rapidly towards
    Internet. It means that the rich business of mobile phones will no longer be the voice, which
    Will always lower costs, but the data traffic. And here too, not so much a product 'basicò
    Like a simple stream of bits, but advanced services fee. The system of revenue
    Mobile in a few years will be divided into three parts. From some of the fixed costs
    Monthly connection for voice and simple. This money that go directly to operators
    By the mere fact of giving access to its network to a user, and is one that tends to share
    Fall further. Then there are the money users pay for services
    Premium. Typical Example: music. You download music files fee. But
    Buy even news, video, new services like all possible types of checks
    Distance over the phone and so forth. And this slice of revenues will go to owners

    Finally there will be a third party linked to the search engines, social networking, maps
    And information such as yellow pages. And these will be free for users but
    Produce revenues from advertisements.

    And on the latter type of service that is open competition among telecom providers
    Services and who will be able to organize and manage all this traffic, which
    Subjects such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Nokia and Ericsson as holders of
    Intelligence network.

    In short: the business generated by mobile phones will grow, but will always be
    Less business from a bill in bill, which is where Jobs is now to draw revenues
    Through 'revenue sharing'.

    Jobs has therefore begun to understand that the parable dell'iPhone has reached its apex,
    As product. Also because the competitive advantage provided by technology 'touch
    Screen ', by the fact of having an efficient part' computer 'resulting from kwow how historic
    Apple are to be achieved by competitors. Samsung and Htc have already launched the first
    Smartphone keyboard and manageable without directly touching the screen. And even if the first
    Models are not entirely to Apple, is to bet that within one or two
    Versions will have bridged the gap. It will be perhaps even gone further. And the next
    Fall down in the battleship that Nokia will launch its first 'touch screen' time
    Campaign for Christmas 2008.

    So, Steve Jobs has in his hands a pretty successful product. But how to avoid doing
    End Motorola, which has failed to distance itself from the time of its global success
    Razr, which is still the single model of the best-selling mobile world, and that is why
    In the past twelve months from the stars to failure or almost? We must change. But how?

    The iPhone is not a mobile broadband. It is still good for markets where large Banda
    Mobile is not yet well developed. As the United States. And in Europe, virtually all
    Except Italy. The share of total users Umts the largest operator in each market
    Europe is clear: the 20% in France, 18% in Britain, only 15% in Spain. But
    The 44% in Italy: almost one in two.

    For markets still underdeveloped in this regard especially the iPhone has led
    Dowry operators in a strong increase in shipping. What all the more remarkable in
    Markets still linked to voice traffic, as the United States. Its ease of use is
    To navigate, both to buy products as valuable music and video thanks to the synergy
    With iTunes, has done a wonderful tool for users to start Internet
    Mobile. But with the transition to 3G world things are more complicated. And the competition increases.

    Jobs has been found to deal with Telecom and Italy for the first time was unable to
    Exercise this asset, the ability to generate traffic dell'iPhone valuable data: Tim,
    The iPhone, has already registered a growth of navigation on the phones 90%. In short,
    The competitive advantage of the Italian market on the world mobile works yet.

    On Jobs can be found in your hands an instrument far underestimated: a browser. The
    Dell'iPhone heart is the software that makes surfing the Internet and called Safari. From Use
    Arrives yet another astonishing number: 70% of accesses to the network via networks
    Mobile happens party smartphone with the Safari browser (this servers know
    Recognize), namely by iPhone.

    And browsers are the true frontier of this new market. It is no coincidence here is that
    Working the same Google with Android. For Jobs suddenly became clear that the
    New primary objective to point is not to sell a few more price iPhone
    Possible (between sales and percentages traffic), but spread as far as possible its
    Safari. Incidentally selling many more terminals, thanks to surrender to

    And Telecom Italy has found the right place at the perfect moment.
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    London, UK
    It'll be curious to see how this tallys with Apple's claim that they require the revenue sharing to provide free software updates for accountacy reasons.

    I can't see any reliable system where Apple charges in some territories and not others...

  4. joeshell383 macrumors 6502a

    Sep 18, 2006
    Apple has never said that. The way Apple recognizes revenue (which is over 24 months v. all at once) on the iPhone has nothing to do with revenue sharing agreements or contract lengths. The Apple TV is recognized in the same way as the iPhone.
  5. asrmatt macrumors regular


    Sep 12, 2006
    Rome, Italy

    And let me say that the correct translation of bullet point 2 points out that since there will be no "revenue sharing" the selling price of the iPhone will be "much higher" than usual...
  6. pauld macrumors regular

    Feb 8, 2003
    Tokyo (London for the holidays!)
    Who knew!
  7. gloss macrumors 601


    May 9, 2006
    I find that ironic. You'd think that since the Touch can be used to purchase iTunes music and, soon, applications, it would fall under the same 'continued revenue' category as the iPhone or, at least, the Apple TV.
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    Pretty sure that for it to be "official" it would require an Apple press release stating this as fact. But I know better now. Everything on macrumors is "official" :rolleyes:
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    Apr 16, 2008
    At the iPhone hacks section.
  10. The Phazer macrumors 68030

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    London, UK
    I would strongly suggest Apple has heavily infered that, which is why they account for updates at exactly the same length of time as the minimum US contract length...

    I would agree that Apple TV has shown that this is not necessary, but it just blows a further hole in Apple's justification.

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    New York.
    why isn't anyone asking when the 3G iphone will be available in the U.S?

    so does this mean they get a new looking iphone or the same looking one with 3G??

    I need answersss
  12. PoitNarf macrumors 65816


    May 28, 2007
    Northern NJ
    Perhaps because there's already a million other threads asking that very question?
  13. FarSeide macrumors 6502a


    Feb 17, 2008
    Earth Lane
    I'm bit disappointed that US has to wait to get their own Apple iPhone.
  14. PoitNarf macrumors 65816


    May 28, 2007
    Northern NJ
    According to whom? Who's to say that there won't be a worldwide simultaneous release of a 3G model? There are very few conclusions that can be drawn with the limited info that all of us have.
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    Aug 29, 2006
    A much better translation :
    I've had a bash and got a better version that the google translation on another thread.

    Italy will get it when /after US gets it, and not before. Happy to bet a fiver on it. Isn't this a dupe thread?

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