It's too bad artists are such a small demographic

Discussion in 'iPad' started by wetcanvas, Aug 7, 2017.

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    I would love a iPad Studio for drawing. Something NOT meant to be portable but meant to sit on a desk and drawn on for the purpose of art like the Microsoft studio only without the ugly stand. It seems apple is only focused on the masses. So artists getting a iPad Studio will never happen. I dream of a Apple IPad Studio though with a nice large screen I can just go nuts on..
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    Masses is the only way for success. Niche customer base never works out positively for a company.

    Not specifically related to artists but this video explains very well why companies that want to succeed will have to focus on masses.

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    Jan 7, 2014
    It worked for Wacom.
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    Panasonic has such a thing, you can’t compare it to an iPad, but it is 20” and marketed as portable.

    What would you want on an iPad studio? 15”? Or more like the Microsoft surface studio thing with the puck and all?
    Remember an iPad has iOS. I think most artists would prefer OS X on a desk-only device.
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    There are many pc’s/tablet manufacturers, but basically only one Wacom. And I have no idea how well they are doing, but I doubt they make as much profit/growth as Apple does.
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    May 26, 2016
    It didn't work for Wacom. Look at the market scale of the iPad and the Wacom devices.
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    Funny enough, Apple started out catering mostly to artists. I was an Apple head before it was mainstream. Before the iphone, ipod & imac. Back when there were no Apple stores, only a couple of shelves at computer stores like CompUSA. I was going to art school in the 90s, and Apple was our computer company. Now, things have kinda flipped. Apple caters more to the mainstream, and less to the artists & power users. Im still an Apple head. Still love & create on their products, but i do relate to your situation. I think Apple is slowly getting back to paying attention to us artists. The upcoming imac pro & refresh of the powermac is a step in the right direction. And i could see them eventually coming out with a larger studio ipad pro perhaps. Or maybe a future touch imac pro will be able to tilt flat and double as one. Who knows. I love the current ipad pros and am excited to see what Apple will do with them going forward. iOS 11 looks like a big leap forward. Would like to see a version of Final Cut make it to the ipad eventually too.
  7. subjonas, Aug 7, 2017
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    I'm not sure what the point of an iPad studio would be when we already have Macs and cintiqs. iOS is designed for portability first. macOS is designed for power first. If you're at a desk only, why not have power?

    All in one solutions aren't really necessary if you're staying at a desk. What we do need however is an Apple all in one solution for a portable device powerful enough to run professional art software. Think MBP 15" internals in a Wacom Studio Pro 16 body.

    Wacom's success is because of their hold on the market for digital artists. And though that market is not mainstream, it is one of the bigger niche markets. Their monopoly is in large part likely due to their really good battery-less patented pen technology, and because of that monopoly they are able to charge extremely high prices, enough to keep themselves going. How well they are doing I have no idea, but personally I get the feeling sometimes that they aren't doing as well as people assume. In any case, Wacom is an uncommon story.

    Like you, I do hope Apple portions out more of their attention to artists, but maybe like you also, I understand why they don't.
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    I would too. I would love to have the ability to use the Pencil on a bigger screen. I am not expecting this to happen any time soon.

    Cintiqs are ok these days with a lot smaller paralax and and less lag, but it's not Apple Pencil quality. Still, they did just announce a 32" Cintiq. Damn :)

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