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    I recently received delivery of the “Fusion Carbon Core” case by a company called “itskins” and I thought I would share my initial product review of the case.

    Firstly the delivery was prompt and efficient, the cases are manufactured and dispatched from China, but have a French design and style influence from their in-house team.

    Upon opening the box you would be slightly surprised, the bumper is presented in a soft pouch emblazoned with the itskins logo. I always find these pouches great for carrying the iPhone and accessories when travelling.

    The case itself is well made and feels exceptionally durable made from a combination of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), Polycarbonate (PC) and a Carbon style backing plate. The mixtures of materials give it the flexibility for ease of inserting and removing the iPhone while the Carbon back plate offers the rigid protection.

    Inserting the iPhone into the case is with the simplest of ease, and the iPhone fits very well. Once on, the case feels very comfortable within the hand, and feels sturdy enough to offer some shock protection, for day to day use or if the phone is accidently dropped. The case has a slight lip on the front and this will prevent the screen coming into contact with the surface when placed facedown.

    The cut outs for the camera and flash at the rear are generous and don’t appear to cause any adverse effect to the pictures. At the bottom of the case the headphone jack is accessible and the standard Apple headphones will work with this case. You may find however as you do with some cases that not all headphones will fit snuggly, so this is something to note. The microphone and speaker are fully accessible as is the lightning connector so no issues with having to remove the cover for charging.

    The sleep/wake button is covered as are the volume controls and are all aligned correctly and work perfectly.

    The case comes complete with a screen protector, application card and cloth, which is another nice little feature. There is a choice of six different colours with black as the base colour in addition to the white as pictured, there is all black, green, orange, yellow and a very sporting red.

    All in all this is a nice case and well made, I like the styling and the fact the bumper gives the phone an added amount of protection, saves me delicately placing the phone, which I do tend to do. I like the fact you don’t just get a case in cheap plastic packaging, this case is well presented and packaged with the added bonus of a screen protector and pouch.

    The company appears to have a good selection of bumpers, cases and sleeves and I have recently ordered a leather sleeve and another TPU case called “Ink”, of which I will post reviews upon receipt.

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    I got a itskins case for the iPhone 5 it is the elemento and it is a great case here are some photos.

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