iTune Connect Financial Report Numbers Not Matched?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by marceloc, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Jun 2, 2010
    Hi all,

    I am very new to iPhone development and I just launch my first iPhone app in appstore. Recently, I have received all of the financial reports from different countries for the first month of sales from Apple. The result is very disappointing. From the reports, there were only X downloads in total. However, according to my data log (which I keep track of all downloads on my side), there were more than 10X downloads worldwide for my app for first month, and among all these downloads, all my users are active users because they will need to go through the registration process and confirm. Therefore, the 2 results have huge discrepancy (almost 10 times difference). How can that be? I am very concern. Is there anyone who has the same experience?

    It should not be I am alone! Thank you.

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    Your app could be pirated as well as being shared amongst several devices. Remember people can share apps with up to 5 computers and unlimited devices. So lets say, 5 groups of friends all chip in for you app, they download it to all their computers and they have an iPod touch, iPhone, maybe an iPad, or maybe multiples of each. Now that's 5 people with a min of 1 device from 1 purchase. If they all have 2 devices each, you have a record of 10 devices having your app, but they only paid once.

    Don't even worry about it, it's nothing new...
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    If you are tracking device IDs or something, and it's a game or entertainment app, it's not unusual to see 10 times more device IDs than App store downloads. There are people who don't get your apps from the App store, thus don't pay for paid apps. It's maybe 5% to 20% of all iPhones users, and they are a magnitude on the order of maybe 100X more likely to run certain types of game apps, since they don't have to pay like everybody else. That inflates the device ID count by about 10X (some less, some a lot more).

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