iTunes 10.5.3 - Incoming Network ??


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May 6, 2011
Last week I updated iTunes on my iMac to the latest as part of the iMac's Software Update process.

I had a few issues with the upgrade where it would not run after the update.

I ended up downloading the DMG from the iTunes site to install.

What I am now seeing that every time I run iTunes I get the message asking if I would allow incoming network connections.

This never happened prior to the upgrade.

I have gone into the Advanced Firewall setting to ensure I have made the allowance - which it had been sent. I even deleted the entry in the Firewall and re-entered the app but still with the same results.

I have run the fix Permissions but again - no change.

How can I get around this and have the iTunes granted all rights??



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May 16, 2008
Hey GGJstudios,

Thanks for the link - haven't tried it but I'd say this is the answer.....

Thanks again mate.

You're welcome! Let me know if it works, so I'll know if it's a valid solution for others with the same issue.
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