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    Why do you feel the need to use the phrase "Steve would have not allowed this"? It is a meaningless and empty phrase that does nothing but ruin his memory with false impressions. He was a business man out to make a profit. If the profit meant cutting losses, he would. Apple has continued on with this to the current age. To move on and be competitive, Apple has to cut out its old infrastructure to rebuild it better with new features. Apple, under Steve, was never one for backwards compatibility. It was mostly the CEOs of the mid-1990's that almost bankrupted Apple that cared for it.
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    Apple has changed after the death of Steve Jobs. iOS 7 (removing skeuomorphism), iTunes 11 (removing Cover Flow and multiple windows) and OSX Mavericks (removing linen and changing dock look) prove this fact.

    When Steve Jobs was CEO, he was in charge and was the dictator at Apple. I remember reading a comment from someone, "he yelled and demanded perfection so we (as consumers/customers) didn't have to."

    With Tim Cook as CEO, now the inmates (Jony Ive, Phil Schiller) run the asylum (Apple). Remember Steve was with Apple from the very beginning- he treated the company like his baby.

    I posted this before:

    1. iOS 7 looking awful and being slow on many devices. Everyone talked about how iOS 6 (which was a lame update compared to iOS 1-5) was lacking consistency in certain apps (which was true). Now, there is no consistency in icons between Mac OS and iOS.

    Apple needs to make the next Mac OS look like iOS 7. Remove all the skeuomorphism in Mac OS for the next version and make it flat. See how that turns out for consumers.

    2. iTunes 11 being horrible compared to iTunes 10. For example removing multiple windows.

    3. Firing Scott Forstall. Steve Jobs would have never fired Forstall. He and Jobs had similar vision when it came to software design (skeuomorphism).

    4. Basically killing the iPod line. When Jobs was CEO a new iPod touch came out every year (from 2007-2010). Now a refresh occurs it seems every 2 years under Cook. Jobs knew iPod was how Apple got back in the game as being a relevant company making lot's of money.

    5. Releasing the iPad Mini. Steve Jobs believed a perfect size tablet was 9.7 inches after numerous testing. He would not approve of the mini.

    6. Apple nearly dropping itself from environment certification in 2012. They did only to come back to EPEAT and posting a letter.

    7. Last but certainly not least, no new innovation from Apple. With Jobs since 2001-2010 it was iPod, iPhone, and to an extent iPad (since it has replaced the need for a laptop for many) but what now under Cook?

    Personally, I believe Apple should look at making cars. I'm dead serious too. People weren't sure how Apple would do being in the phone business and look how that has turned out.

    Anyways, this post and your post has nothing to do with the thread so...

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