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    That's not working for me. What version number is your iTunes showing?
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    you can import the epubs using ibooks on your desktop / laptop and then sync your ipad
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    OK, I signed up with the site just to comment on this thread..... OP you are spot on! I know exactly what you want to do because I want to do the same thing. I don't see why it's hard for other people to understand what you are saying and if it is so hard, then why do they keep commenting and trying to correct you??

    In any case, did you find a solution? I am a new iMac user but a long time iOS user so I'd like to be able to drag and drop my iBooks the same way I do my music/videos...
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    Yes,,, i wonder why Apple did this change..... Is was much easier in iTunes 10/11... could just add in iTunes directly...

    This makes more sense since u sync with iTunes anyway.... iBooks only sync's books, while iTunes sync's everything else.

    Perhaps to get more users using iBooks as all i can think of. You also have the other side which is, "well users don't use iTunes"
  5. bigkris34, Dec 25, 2017
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    Looks like this post is 3 years old. I'm hoping you've found the solution by now. I've been plagued by the same confusion as I'm a new iPad user and have been trying to transfer EPUB files from my PC to my new iPad with no success. I, too, have been using the latest iTunes ( and have come up with the same questions. I've also found little to no help from Apple Tech Support (my dog seems to know more about Apple products than they do). But after much reading, researching, frustration, and a little luck I've come upon the following solution...

    You CAN transfer your EPUB and PDF files from your PC to your iPhone/iPad through iTunes! You are correct in that there IS NO "Books" folder within the iTunes library (makes the process very frustrating when people say, "just use iTunes"), however, when you connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC and access the device contents via iTunes, "Books" is one of the folders listed under "My Device" on the left-hand window. You can select that folder, so the contents are shown in the main window, and drag your eBooks from the folder they reside in on your PC directly into this folder in iTunes. This utilizes iTunes as the transfer media while not saving your eBooks to the iTunes library. The only problem I encountered with this process is that it won't transfer MOBI files - the error message said the device (iPad) won't recognize that file type.

    Hope this helps.

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