iTunes 12 on 10.9 is unreadable! Does 10.11 look like this everywhere?

Discussion in 'OS X El Capitan (10.11)' started by riker1384, Oct 31, 2015.

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    I'm still using Mavericks on my Retina 13. I usually use it with a 27" 2560x1440. I was having problems with my iPhone 4 syncing with iTunes 11. I called tech support and during the process they had me upgrade to iTunes 12.

    iTunes 12 is unreadable. It looks OK on the Retina screen, but it's almost painful to try to use on the external. The text is tiny and everything is too white. When I set the text size to large, it just adds more white space around the same tiny text! I can't skim through lists of songs and podcasts, I have to pick one line and concentrate to read it.

    What don't they offer a bigger font?

    I heard about legibility problems with Yosemite. I'm worried that if I upgrade my OS everything will look like this. Do the legibility problems from Yosemite get better with Mavericks? I'm also afraid to upgrade to Safari 9 on Mavericks.

    It almost seems like they're sabotaging legibility on standard screens to help sell Retinas, but what is the point of that when external Retina screens are neither available nor supported?
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    They introduced a new font in El Capitan which should make text more readable on non-Retina screens so the best I can suggest is to back up then do a clean install of El Capitan and see how it goes.
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    They are! The inability to alter system font size is a major problem. Every other modern OS GUI seems to have found a way to increase text size on large monitors. Apple's way is to decrease the screen resolution of your monitor or get stronger eyeglasses. The small text coupled with Apple's assinine design choice to use lots of white and greys and overly bright LED back lit reflective screen monitors is bad for the eyes.

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