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Mar 20, 2011
So i downloaded whited00r for my 1G Touch and restored it normally from iTunes and i got the expected 1604 error. So i downloaded iReb and put it in Pwnd DFU mode on my windows computer then went back to my mac and tried to restore it, the progress bar came up showing that it was starting to install but then after about 5 mins nothing happened until it rebooted back into recovery mode and itunes gave me the error again.
I have also tried to restore it on my windows computer but when i connect it in DFU mode iTunes says that the "iPod needs to be identified to be restored" and tries to connect to the iPod restore sever but never connects and doesn't recognize that there is an iPod connected.
How do i solve this?


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Sep 16, 2011
Download tinyumbrella connect your iPod go to advanced settings and uncheck "set hosts file to cydia" or something similar to that, then restore.

Edit: recheck the box if you want to jailbreak again.
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