iTunes 5 computer sharing limit, do iPads count?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by dapetrun, Oct 15, 2011.

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    I've researched this on the Apple support forum for a couple hours before giving up.

    iTunes says I cannot authorize Home Sharing on a computer because I already have 5 computers authorized. However, I can only count 3: a MacBook Air (wife's), an iMac (daughter's) and my own MacBook Pro. There are two iPads tied to the MBA and the iMac so, is Itunes counting these iPads as two of the 5 computers it says are already set up for Home Sharing?

    Also, I de-authorized an older account that two of the computers were using. There were only a few downloads purchased using this older account and it didn't make any difference as it still won't allow me to authorize another computer on my home WiFi network.

    Can anyone clarify the sharing rules or offer an educated suggestion? Thanx.
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    Old thread, but in case someone runs across this while searching:
    iTunes 11 for Mac: Authorize a computer to play iTunes Store purchases
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    Usually the issue is that a computer that is no longer being used at all is still listed in their system as Authorized. The only way I have found to clear this up is to deauthorize all and then re-authorize 1 by 1. This will happen if you upgrade, etc.

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