iTunes 7.01 still unhappy.


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All I want is the little light that at least tells me that I have the EQ running. Now we have the update and it's still not back, I can assume that it is a deliberate decision.

Is this possibly the most useless imbecillic interference in an interface ever?

It is important to know if EQ is running or not. Now that they have removed the direct EQ access button (that had an inbuilt light) I have to access the menu or shortcut to bring up the EQ window just so that I can see if the checkbox is checked, then close the window! Previously I just looked at it and knew.

In fact instead of removing the EQ button (and light) they should have added the possibility to see the name of the EQ preset that was running as well.

What could possibly have possessed apple to take the decision to do this EQ bs? And why won't they fix it?


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Sep 8, 2006
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mcarnes said:
Lol yea you should "tell it to the hand".

Or you can at least try this and get on with your happy life:
- Go to View -> Show Equalizer. The EQ window pops up. Turn on the EQ and set it to FLAT. Close the EQ window.
- Go to your music library. Right click the top column and check the Equalizer box. Now you can select the equalizer setting you want for EACH song. These settings will override the FLAT setting from the EQ window.
- You're all set.

Now if you want to manually adjust a song's equalizer, set the EQ in the column to None for that song. Then, while playing the song you want to manually adjust, go to the EQ window and change the tiny bars accordingly. That manual setting will only be used for that song unless you modify additional songs one at a time.


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That's all well and good but I don't want to set an eq setting for all my music. I just want to be able to look at iTunes and know if the EQ is on or off. Just like in the old days. I really thought this was just an egregious error that would be corrected in 7.0.1