iTunes 7.6.2 crackles/pops

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by MagnusVonMagnum, Jun 12, 2008.

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    I finally upgraded from iTunes 7.6.0 to 7.6.2 when Quicktime 7.5 was offered up, thinking I'd give it a shot. I hesitated as I remember reading about some people having problems keeping a connection with their AppleTV units. Well, fortunately, I have a backup of my system on another drive and I think I'll probably end up using it.

    I am NOT having problems connecting to my two AppleTV units. Thus far, they seem to work fine and streaming several songs to my home theater system downstairs seemed to work fine. I didn't notice any problems at the time.

    However, when I tried playing some music directly on my PowerMac 1.8GHz 7448 G4 (currently running Tiger 10.4.11), that's when I started to notice a problem. Basically, I'll get random clicks/pops and even static bursts from iTunes 7.6.2 playing my Apple Lossless music collection. It even once stopped playing itself after a big burst of static (almost like it knew it was screwing up). iTunes 7.6.0 worked perfectly for me. It had no playback problems what-so-ever either directly off its audio-output jack to my Klipsch speaker system or to either of my listening rooms (audiophile stereo system upstairs; 6.1 home theater system downstairs). Given I've noticed no feature improvements in 7.6.2 over 7.6.0, I have to wonder what the updates were even about. The software update tool said something about bug fixes, etc. What a hoot! It created a NEW bug. A BIG one at that. Or was it Quicktime 7.5 that was responsible? Given I updated to both at the same time, I can't really be sure.

    This problem seems to be different from most of the ones I've read about oneline with people having problems with their laptops, hissing, pops when the speakers kick in, etc. I read about some Plantronics plugin for volume something or the other that some say was causing a similar problem on their systems, but there is no such plugin on my system. So far, this ONLY happens when I'm playing music in iTunes. I just tried a DVD a little bit ago and it appeared to play/sound fine. For a moment, I thought exiting iTunes and restarting it seemed to solve the problem, but when I tried doing SOMETHING (i.e. browsing) while listening to the same track a 3rd time, it started acting up. Apparently, CPU activity makes the problem worse. iTunes was rock solid before and no amount of browsing or mouse movement would upset it.

    Honestly, I'm getting a little sick of reading about software updates on various web sites that make NO mention of bugs/problems with those updates that you have to discover later on yourself. Or am I the only Mac user in existence that has this problem? Did it appear in 7.6.1 or is it 7.6.2 or is it the new Quicktime 7.5 update? Nothing in those updates talks about addressing anything that you would THINK would cause an audible problem. They appear to address security issues and bug fixes. But yet the problem is there and hearing pops like I'm playing a record is NOT pleasant in iTunes.

    I don't think there's any simple way to downgrade your system to an older iTunes short of a restore from a backup yet that's exactly what's needed here since the updates made iTunes MUCH MUCH worse. Time to restore from backup, I suppose. When to upgrade iTunes again next? Who knows. When I'm forced to for a feature reason, I suppose. Given Apple doesn't appear to acknowledge this bug, I don't think it likely to get fixed in the future, really. Who knows how they screwed it up.

    I'm going to try a reboot one more time and see if that makes any difference, although the DVD player was the only program I've run since the update reboot other than iTunes itself so I doubt it.
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    Well, maybe I was wrong about another reboot since so far it's crackle free since I rebooted again. If the trend continues that then makes me wonder if the Apple DVD player somehow destabilized iTunes or the audio system in general or at least after it exited. I'll refrain from restoring from backup just yet and see how it goes for awhile.
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