iTunes 7 Video problem on PC


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Sep 1, 2006
Baltimore, Maryland USA
OK, I know this this question involves a PC, but I can't buy my Mac yet and my new video iPod is on the way. With that said, I downloaded and setup iTunes 7 on my PC. I got an account and I have downloaded some TV programs and podcasts.

When I start playing either type of video, it comes up perfect. It has the little semi transparent controls in the bottom part of the window. After a few seconds, it looks like those controls are supposed to disappear, but when they do, my video changes to something that looks like a color negative image. If I move my mouse into the window so that the controls come back up, the video returns to normal.

If I choose to use the mini player, (I think that is what the option is called), the controls are in one window and the video playback is in a separate window, the video comes up as the same sort of color negative image and stays that way. Any thoughts? A driver problem maybe?


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Sep 28, 2006
I've had the same problem but updating my video card driver was no help. however the following, which came from "boatracer" at ipod lounge works great for me:

"Open the Quicktime Preferences (open the quicktime player and goto Edit>Preferences>Quicktime Preferences)

Goto the Advanced tab.

Under Video uncheck the box that says "Enable Direct3D Video Acceleration".

Apply the change and close and restart itunes. Hopefully this works for you."

here's the thread on ipod lounge: