iTunes Account Complicated Situation.

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  1. Dominirey macrumors newbie

    Sep 1, 2011
    Ok so I'll start by saying that I live in Brazil, which makes things really complicated for me as the iOS app store in Brazil sucks, and thats where this problem started. Me and my mom used to have 2 accounts, we made them on our iPhones when we first got them. After some time we saw that the Brazilian app store sucked and tried to make our account in the U.S. but failed. So we made it in Spain because that's where we're from and my parents have a spanish credit card (The account that we used was my account). That worked for a while, however a few months ago, my dad figured out how to make a U.S. account, so we made my mom's account with U.S. stuff so it's much better than the Spanish one. Now the problem is that I have a loooooot of things purchased on both accounts, on iPhone app store and Mac app store and the problem used to just be when updating things, it would kind of mess up, but now with iCloud, its going to really mess up... is there a way to maybe join the accounts or something, or transfer the purchases?
    The way I would prefer it to be is: Me and my mom have diff. accounts. My apps are on my account and hers are on her account. I really hope there is a way to do this because or else, all our info will mess up on iCloud cuz I think there is only support for having 1 iTunes account. If it isn't possible to do that, I just really hope apple adds support for more than 1 iTunes account.
    Thank you to anyone who reads this and at least tries to help. :D
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    No there is no way of combining accounts, this has been asked on here hundreds of times.

    I think if Apple ever did allow accounts to be combined they probably wouldn't let you combine accounts from different countries as they don't approve of people creating these accounts in the first place.

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