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    Hi everyone

    I own a MBA which I bought a few weeks ago, I'm really happy with it, but I'm facing a little problem with Itunes right now:

    Indeed since my MBA is only 128GB, I moved my iTunes library on the external hard drive. But I feel like Itunes is quite slow that way (I have to wait a bit between every song, play/pause is a bit long also). So I tried to move my library (.itl file) to the internal SSD, while keeping the Itunes Media on the External drive (Yeah I chose in Itunes preference Itunes Media, and I booted iTunes with option key to chose the library on my SSD).
    Buuuut nothing changed, I even tried to create a new library but still the same.

    I followed these instructions: If the "iTunes Library.itl" file is on your external drive, you can try what I did, which is this:
    Buuuut I don't have .xml files since they're hidden since 10.12...

    Before doing anything, open iTunes, then Preferences > Advanced, and make a note of the location of your iTunes media library. It should be a folder on your external drive. Then quit iTunes.

    The external drive has a folder "iTunes" which contains these files:

    iTunes Library.itl
    iTunes Library.xml
    iTunes Library Genius.itdb
    iTunes Library Extras.itdb
    iTunes Music Library.xml

    plus some folders, such as iTunes Music or iTunes media.

    I backed up these five files.

    Your SSD contains a folder "Music" with a subfolder "iTunes." It'll already have most of these files, though the date stamps will likely be older. I backed up these files, then deleted them.

    Then I moved the five files from the external drive to the "iTunes" folder on the SSD.

    Then, start up iTunes while holding the SHIFT key down. It will ask you whether you want to start a new iTunes library or use an existing one. Choose existing, then browse to the iTunes folder on your SSD and choose the file "iTunes Library.itl".

    In iTunes, go back to Preferences > Advanced. Note the location of the iTunes media library. In my case, this changed to a folder on my SSD - that's not what we want. So, change this back to the original folder on the SSD that holds your iTunes media library (the location I asked you to note at the beginning of all these steps).

    At this point, your external drive holds all your music and other content, as before, but your iTunes Library.itl and related files are on your SSD (and they take up minimal space), which results in dramatically faster iTunes performance than when these files are on the external drive.

    But didn't work obviously, can someone help me?
    Many thanks!
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    Jan 5, 2017
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    Hi I don't know if your using a Mac or a windows machine? But you have two options first every thing you did but instead of directing iTunes to your ssd and location of your library backup create a new library using shift and choose your desired location (ssd) iTunes will then build the folder structure you mentioned now copy your media and library data files to them folders overighting any file that comes up a duplicate and your done.
    Alternatively you can do as I do and that's to uninstall iTunes and reinstall the program to your external drive in your case ssd now iTunes and your library are reading and wrighting to the same drive has to be quicker. + you have the added bonus of a iTunes install and library virtually plug and play brilliant if you constantly refresh windows or system restore due to slowing down issues. Hope this helps sorry about punctuation.

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