Itunes and External Hard drives - Very complicated?

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    Jan 14, 2011
    Hey, so I'm finally turning to the experts again after over an hour searching google and reading outdated articles about my issue with no luck.

    The thing is that I want Itunes to add all my songs from my External Hard drive to it's library, without copying the files over to my internal hard drive. I'm currently doing this on my PC and wanted to do the same with my Mac, but it actually seems impossible, unless I want to move my entire music folder around, which is not an option, because I have a very structured playlist on my PC, that uses the hard drive's folder structure as it is now, so I cant change that, if you understand.

    Bottom line - Can you just point Itunes to a folder and then add all the songs to a playlist without actually copying the files to my internal hard drive or messing with my folder structure, like you do in say, Windows Media Player, Foobar2000(My player of choice on my PC atm) or Winamp.

    Hope there's a solution that works that I haven't found on Google. I can't believe that it's actually so hard to do such a simple thing, even on a Mac, it's a little frustrating :(
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    Yes, quite simply. First, uncheck these boxes in iTunes > Preferences > Advanced:
    Then go to iTunes > File > Add To Library > and select the folder you wish to add.

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