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    Sorry I am not sure where to put this thread/question.

    I am leaving for a week and want to load up my ipad with a few movies.

    I have VLC installed on my ipad as well AVplayerHD.

    How do I input my movies into itunes?

    It seems like many movies I cant import into the library. :(

    I thought these players accept almost all files.

    Doing something wrong?

    Thank u
  2. simsaladimbamba

    Nov 28, 2010
    Apple states these as supported video formats for their iPads:

    iPad with Retina Display
    iPad mini
    And as iTunes is tailored to those formats and codecs, your videos need to be using those formats and codecs.

    HandBrake has a preset for the iPad in order for you to transcode the videos you have to a format iTunes understands.

    As you have VLC and AVplayerHD installed on your iPad, you need other methods to transfer the files to the iPad, there are some options in the App Store to transfer files via USB and WiFi without the use of iTunes.

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