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    Hey guys

    I'm trying to save some space in my NAS and I wish Time Machine didn't image the entire drive over the network. I know I can exclude folders in Time Machine settings but I'm not sure if it's even possible to disable everything except my media. I'm aware I can do this manually just by copying the folders from my lappy to the NAS but that's not very elegant amiright?!

    My iTunes folder is at about 50GB and iPhoto at about 15GB, I also keep all my home movies and DVD collection on the network drive (not on the computer to save space). I place this "Movie" folder in the iTunes directory in the NAS and that way I can access my iTunes entire library (movies and music) over the network via DLNA. But I've been moving that folder in and out of it's directory every time I want to back up my library, it's a pain.

    So is there an easy solution to all this madness? I've tried to exclude a bunch of folders in Time Machine but I still come out to over 200GB, far more the what 15 + 50 should be, if my math teacher was right :l
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    Just exclude everything on the drive but your Music and Pictures folders. Don't use those for anything but those two libraries.

    Or put those two items in a user created folder and exclude everything but that folder.

    as for why you are still getting 200GB of 'extra stuff' that's likely cause of those home movies you put in the directory. you can drag in files from anyway with the whole 'copy to library' off and iTunes will find them. it doesn't have to be in the same directory. That could be the answer to your riddle on that part

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