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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by CRK17, May 21, 2008.

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    We have several user accounts on our iMac but maintain one iTunes library under one of the accounts. However the other day my wife downloaded a purchase from the iTunes store while she was using one of the other accounts that is not associated with our iTunes library. Can someone tell me how I move the download from the second user account iTunes library to our main iTunes library under the other user account. When I say user account I'm talking about the user log in at the OS level.

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    Personally, I keep my iTunes library in the "Shared" folder. That way, all users can set the same library through the iTunes prefs and anyone can music as they see fit.
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    The previous post doesn't really help you.

    In iTunes, Ctr+click on the song, click on "show in finder" or something like that, once in finder window, drag it to a flash drive. The log on to different user account with the rest of your music, and with iTunes open, drag the song off of the flash drive to your iTunes library window. I don't know if you will need to authorize that user to play the other users purchases.

    I have not done this switching user accounts, but I have transfered iTunes Music Store purchases to other computers this way.
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    Thanks. I'll give that a try tonight. Not sure why I didn't think of that.

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    I am looking at basically the same problem. I have several accounts set up on my iMac (Me, wife, kids, guest) I want to have ALL of our music go to a central, shared folder so no matter who downloads, buys, rips, or otherwise adds to it, it all goes to the master (shared) music folder. I would like to control access that my kids have to that pool of music and have me of my wife to have access to all of the music pool.
    The term "library" gets tossed around incorrectly when describing iTunes. You see, my library only includes the songs I like (of course, when you delete a song from iTunes, it asks whether to delete from the library or delete the file as well). Hers has some the same, some different. My kids library only has what we deem "appropriate".
    So far, I have it set up so that each account does not "copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library", but whenever someone rips, downloads, buys, music it doesnt' go to the "shared" folder, it goes to that accounts music folder. I am manually managing the additions from other accounts now but it is tedious and definitely not user friendly. There must be a better way. Help!:confused:

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