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  1. sooohungry, Apr 25, 2016
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    Apr 25, 2016
    I have my current Apple ID (ex: and it's the same one I use for the iTunes store. I have my iTunes music library, which is 100 albums burned via cds and 10 albums purchased thru iTunes.

    I want to create a new Apple ID (ex: and use it with iTunes/iTunes store, as well. I have read other people's posts about how music you purchased on one Apple ID can't be transferred or whatever to a new Apple ID.

    But when I look at the kind of files my iTunes library consists of - the 10 purchased albums from iTunes are Purchased ACC Files - which is supposedly the updated, DRM-free version of the old protected files. And articles I have read explaining these file types leads me to believe that they could be added to my new library without any issue. Or am I wrong?

    What I mean by added is simply this - using the new Apple ID, when I open iTunes, I'll have no library showing. But I have my external drive with my old iTunes folder and all the music files saved. So can't I just import everything and it will all show? The 100 cds that I own and imported myself and the 10 albums from iTunes? I don't care if they don't show in purchase history. But these articles I read sound like the 10 purchased items would transfer.
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    I guess I could just change the email address associated with my Apple ID. But does this actually change the Apple ID?

    For ex: is the Apple ID and the email address I use. If log into My Apple ID and change to, does this then make the Apple ID (and keep all past purchases) or only updates the email address itself? Would things like posts on Apple Forums and all that stuff still be ties to even the updates ID/email?
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    Email address IS the Apple ID.

    Movies, music, TV shows, purchases and iTunes credit is tired to the Apple ID, so u cannot transfer anything...

    You can only "transfer" if signing in on a new device only but only once every 90-days.

    eg.... if i create a new Apple ID... then sign into this new Apple iD on a new Mac, I "can" transfer this over so i gain access to all my stuff, but u'r locked in for 90-days... afterwards.

    Unfortunately that is only on different hardware, not the same hardware, so u are stuck..

    I run into this problem all the time, because i use multiple Apple ID's.
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    DO NOT CREATE A NEW APPLE ID. Log in to your existing account at EDIT the existing Apple ID to the new email address. Any content PURCHASED FROM iTunes will follow you. If you're using the same device then your IMPORTED contents will be the same.

    Oh yeah, if you're changing the Apple ID, make sure you sign out of iCloud, FaceTime, iMessage, and the iTunes and app stores before the change on all of you're devices.

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