iTunes, Apps, different countries ?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Tumbleweed666, Jan 11, 2015.

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    Hi, I live in Canada but am currently in the UK and wish to use an app that is only available in the UK iTunes store. Its free (its from a UK company that I still use when in Canada and it would be very useful to have it when I'm there).

    How can I do this? Its not obvious on the phone how to switch to the UK iTunes store. Or would I need to wait until I'm back in Canada and do it via iTunes there?

    Is the correct way to obtain the app, to create an iTunes UK ID, switch to that, download the app, then switch back to the Canadian iTunes store? Is it OK to do this, eg I'm checking that switching to the UK store and then back to Canada will not invalidate or remove the existing apps on my phone,and the new "UK App" will remain on the phone when I switch back to Canada?

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    iTunes, Apps, different countries ?

    switching to another store

    (or you can do another ID too... (if you have an address in this another country))

    existing apps arent removed, althought updating them may need you to switch the store again.
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    My experience is that it will not let you change using the same apple id. When you enter in the id it automatically changes to the store you are registered in after saying the id is no good in the other store.

    I am in Mexico but signed up for itunes back when I was in the us for a while. If I try to go to an app in the mexico store, like telcel apps, it will switch me to the us and say my id is not for use in the mexico store. That's ok with me though.
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    It's rather annoying, I've lived in 4 countries with my Apple ID and offen have to change stores to update. Often the problem is, I don't know which store to change to.
    Is there anyway of knowing where an app was brought?

    Not to mention family sharing...
    Every time I have to change stores, of course I have to leave the family. Making all those apps useless.

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