iTunes Art Work Problem

imac abuser

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Mar 1, 2004
I was resetting up my iTunes and I put in artwork for one album, and somehow it got on all the albums. I try to drag and drop the correct art work in the correct place, and it stays the same. How can I replace an albums art work, or reset it all?



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Jan 17, 2005
Spokane, WA
Go to the info for a song and look at the artwork tab, the image there will have to be removed, otherwise it will just keep adding additional images. I don't know of a quick way to remove it for all songs though.


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May 2, 2005
Wheaton/Normal, IL
To remove all artwork for all songs, select all songs using Apple+A, Apple+I to bring up the get info box. The box under artwork should hopefully be empty. Since you want all items to have "empty" artwork, just click the Artwork checkbox and click okay and your music should start updating without the artwork. Since the artwork is embedded in each file, this could take a little bit of time.

Let me know if I'm not understanding your problem correctly or if this doesn't work.


P.S. If you just want to remove artwork for a certain album, only select the songs you want by Apple+click-ing or Shift+click-ing them.