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    Hi all..

    I know you can download artwork in Itunes Music Store, from CD's you've improrted, but can you do the reverse ?

    I pushed an album from itunes with the intent to play on CD player.

    Since i couldn't find how do burn directly via itunes, i gave up, and just used Toast, pulling the purchased *.m4a files from .../Library/Music folder within your Home folder.

    However, also looking further, it looks like Apple doesn't store the Artwork in standard jpg format or tif... as this wouldn be too easy no woun't it :p

    Looks it its all encrypted, which means you bond to iTunes..

    Is there any way i can grab artwork for the stuff "I purchased" ? Even though i understand, you don't own anything, but if you've purchased it, you should have the right backing/designing a CD from the artwork, since you paid for it.
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    This isn't really the answer you're looking for but check out Coverlandia. There are tons of official and unofficial album artworks available for download.

    Disclaimer - I run the site :rolleyes:

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