iTunes Authorization Problem

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by iPhil, Oct 31, 2007.

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    The iTunes library file cannot be saved.. An unknown error occurred (-50).

    This Computer is not authorized to play a bought song from ITMS.. Would you "authorize" it .. typed my password in (i typed it correctly) ..

    Machine Authorization was Successful.. Total number of 3 machines out of your available 5. I hit Ok.. then the (-50) error pops up again ..

    Idid a complete reinstall of tiger (currently 10.4.10) updated to iTunes 7.4.2 for my iPod 5 gen (60Gb)..

    ITunes played full Authorization on my internal drive on intel mini (1.66Ghz/80/1.25Gbram/SD)

    Why i moved my boot drive, needed bigger boot drive since i have a movie collection (larger than my home folder size).. boot drive is going thru FW400..

    I have my iTunes music on my iPod and dvd..

    Tried iTunes @ 11.30 am and got these results so far:

    I just decided to see if itunes would play a ITMS song and it does, but the (-50) error screen popped up again .. :confused:

    Just tried another ITMS bought song and the authorization popped up again ,authorized the machine and that was successful hit ok then tried to play the song, then says computer not authorized ? :confused:

    edit: just now it started to work again fully .. after itunes updating itself .. :confused:

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