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    Dear Mac Users

    If this question has been answered before, kindly point me to the right post, as I could not find the answer myself.

    I am using iTunes 9.1.1 (12), on Macbook Pro OS X (10.6.4). Whenever I play any file on iTunes, it automatically adds the file to the iTunes Library. I have a lot of voice memos and other audio clips that are not music. If I play them even once, they get automatically added to the iTunes library. Then, when I am listening to music, these memos and non-music files start playing with the music.

    Need Help:
    I want iTunes to stop automatically add to its library any audio file I play. It is a very frustrating and counter-intuitive feature.

    I have already done:
    I have already un-ticked the PREFERENCE>ADVANCED>COPY FILES TO ITUNES MEDIA FOLDER option. So now I don't get two copies. But still, all the audio files played even once on iTunes get automatically added to the library.

    I am a recent migrate from Windows, and so far, I am regretting it. I would appreciate inputs from fellow Mac users. Thank you.
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    There's no way to stop iTunes from adding played songs to the library. However, it's quite easy to get rid of them. When it adds a song, it automatically checks it. If you uncheck everything in your library before you play such songs, you can have a smart playlist to show only checked items. That makes it simple to identify these unwanted songs, so you can delete them.
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    Do you need to play them in iTunes? You can set OS X to open all mp3's, m4a's etc. in QuickTime instead. It's quick and easy to listen to them, and it won't add it to your iTunes library.


    or just Right click the file > Open With > QuickTime Player.

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