itunes backup is 32GB???

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    I have been running out of space on my macbook air with OSX 10.9 128GB and noticed that my iPhone (5S 64GB) backup on iTunes is 32.6gb. I have deleted the backup and then re-backed up again, but it is still the same size.

    1) What can I do to make it smaller?
    2) Does the backup include my photos (about 26GB)? I have them backed up on iPhoto so dont need it in the backup

    My iPhone summary is about 26GB photos, 20gb apps (includes music as use a separate app), 5gb documents.

    Thank you


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    As long as you have your photos backed up from your Mac (Time Machine, CCC, etc.) and the photos reside in your Photos library, there is no need to back them up again from your iPhone. If you don't need to have the photos on the phone, remove them. You didn't mention the year and model MBA your have, but you might be interested to learn that Mac Sales (OWC) now has replacement flash storage modules for the late model MacBook Air and rMBP machines. Not inexpensive but you may be able to increase the storage capacity of your MBA.
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    i would suggest upping your iCloud to 50 gig or 200 gig per month and turn on icloud photo. set the mba to store pictures but set the iPhone to optimize storage and once all the photos are synced and stored on iCloud, it will free up your iPhone and this will make your backup less

    if you sync pictures on the iPhone and photos. there is no setting that i know of to tell itunes not to backup these pictures. the only pictures that itunes backs up is the camera roll. synced pictures are not backed up.


    so i think .. yeah.. that would be good second option.copy the pictures from the camera roll into photos. delete your entire camera roll on the iPhone . and then sync the photos from photos back to the iPhone. then these pictures will still be on your phone, but they will no longer be in any back ups..

    try backing up your iPhone and make an archive back up.. copy it to a external hard disk . before you try this post. if it solves it, let me know

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