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    Hi guys,

    I read an old post using mroogle saying that Time machine doesn't backup the library completely and just creates an image of it and not each individual song?? What exactly does this mean?

    Basic question, does Time Machine back up everything on the hard drive including ALL my itunes library and its contents?? So if my hard drive failed I could recover my itunes library and everything else on the drive?

    Sorry for the newb question

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    see #2 in this user tip.


    see #15 in above user tip.

    however, when it comes to my precious media files, i don't rely on TM.

    in my case, my library lives on an external firewire drive while the iTunes folder is kept local. the iTunes folder gets backed up by TM and i use ChronoSync to incrementally backup the external to yet another external. you could also use free Carbon Copy Cloner for the task.

    IMHO, the big advantage of my setup is that, in case you machine croaks, you simply connect the external to your new (or a secondary computer), and restore the iTunes folder from your TM backup - back in business in less than 30 minutes. restoring you entire iTunes library (depending on the size) would take much, much longer.
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    Thanks for the reply, I just wanna make sure my precious library is covered if something goes wrong!

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