itunes CC linked to another ID? Hacked?

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    I tried to search a similar situation, but could not find one exactly like this.

    I was not alerted by Apple that my itunes account had been compromised, but I noticed it on my debit card when I was checking my online bank account.

    When I logged into itunes, I could not see the purchases that were made at all. I quickly changed passwords and deleted my cc account info from itunes and contacted apple. I had 2 charges for about $46 at this time (yesterday).

    Today I received a reply from Apple saying "I located the account that made these purchases. To prevent further purchasing, I have disabled this account that is using your credit card and have disallowed your card from being used on the iTunes Store. " The Apple rep also pointed out another charge that was made today and said he would credit all of these charges.

    Does anyone know what could be going on? Apparently someone is using my debit card with their itunes? The itunes charges are the only fraudulent charges I have encountered over the past few days. What if I wanted to press charges or something against this account? Surely Apple wouldn't take something like this so lightly?

    I suppose my best bet would be to close out my debit card.

    My main concern is this: do you think this is a problem on itunes' end, or did someone get my cc number and it's completely separate? I'd imagine they would be using my card for other things, but who knows? If anyone has experienced anything similar, feedback would be appreciated.
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    I think it was unrelated to anything using your Apple ID. Someone some place where you used your card , copied your CC# and then used it to make purchases.

    Back in the 90s, I worked at a place that accepted cards. It would have been very easy to copy a CC# down because the CC terminal was out of the view from the customer. Also, be careful when paying for food deliveries at home. They can get your number over the phone from you and they then have your address giving them all the verification they need.
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    ohhhh man im in the same boat as you. I was checking online banking and noticed more than 120$ of transactions to apple iTunes. I quickly checked my purchase history on iTunes and didn't see those transactions so it defiantly wasn't my apple ID. Someone is stealing CC and purchasing. The funny thing is though, apple was of no help at all. I asked them if they could tell me what was purchased with my CC and they told me they can't give that information out even if my CC was used! TOTAL BS. I contacted my CC provider they issued me a new card and reimbursed me for the fraudulent charges. I removed the CC from my iTunes account changed passwords and took all necessary precautions for this to never happen again. But what do you know another transaction occurred on my account this time for 99 cents to apple iTunes. I don't understand even when my CC is not on file and a brand new card that hasn't been used on iTunes still somehow gets charged to iTunes? something isn't right here and i need to get to the bottom of this.

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