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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by chrisworld, Aug 28, 2010.

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    Nov 14, 2006
    Hi All. First of all, I don't know where to place this.. Hardware? Software? I figured software, since I'd be making a post sorta about iTunes and it's ability to import from a CD.

    So heres what happened.

    I recently got a CD, decided to import it into iTunes like every CD i own. I rip ONLY in Apple Lossless for archival purposes, and compress a copy to AAC whenever it's put onto my iPod.

    The CD IS a used CD, but the condition is fantastic, so I thought nothing of skipping, till... I heard it on my favorite track.

    I tried cleaning the cd over and over, then re imported with Apple Lossless /w Error Correction. This fixed most of the skipping (the polishing or the error correction, I don't know) but this simply wasn't "good" enough for me so I tried another method.

    I manually copied the CD's directory to my Mac. This is the folder that is the CD, the big 800 Meg folder filled with Track 01...02..etc, all AIFF files.

    I listened to the 'damaged track' once it was fully copied and NO skipping whatsoever.

    Does this lead me to believe that iTunes is still a fairly poor encoder when coming from slightly damaged CDs? And that the OS can simply do error checking when actually copying the file instead?

    I just wanted to ask how this was possible, but heck it worked out all fine for me.

    I'd like to make this a suggestion to anyone trying to import a scratched CD to iTunes. Copy the AIFF's to disk first, then to iTunes, seems to do some work (with CRC's, who knows?)

    EDIT: Added an image. The image shows the Apple Lossless file ripped from the CD, every one seemed to do this (skipping near that part), the one on the bottom shows an AIFF copied from CD, converted to Apple Lossless in iTunes. Note how it's strangely 'perfect'...

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    Feb 10, 2009
    As a comparison, you could try the same CD with Max, which has a choice of rippers and error corrections. Max will encode to Apple Lossless, amongst many other formats.

    NB - it will also simultaneously encode to multiple formats, which you may find useful, and automatically add one of them to your iTunes library. So it could simultaneously produce your Apple Lossless for archiving and the AAC for your iTunes/iPod.
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    Nov 14, 2006
    I tried using MAX as well, it too would rip a crackled/skipped track. It seems the only way to handle a damaged CD would be to copy the AIFF's directly from the CD first. Also, with the other thing, I make copies of AAC's from the lossless I already have, once they are (manually) placed on my iPod they are deleted. I don't really like how Max handle's ALAC and AAC though, I think iTunes is pretty good at that. One the other hand if I ever (god forbid) need to make an MP3, I use MAX for that. Lame 3.98 seems good.

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