iTunes could not backup the iphone because backup could not be saved on computer

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    After months of trying to fix this annoying error I finally realized that this was an issue on the iPhone and not with iTunes, cable, or mac. My main machine is my MacBookPro. When I performed a backup on my MacPro the backup name in \Library\Application Support\MobileSyn\Backup was the same string as the backup on my MacBookPro. It had to be coming from my iPhone. So... here goes

    Disclaimer - Perform at your own risk!
    1. Delete any iPhone backups from iTunes via Prefs
    2. Close Itunes and quit itunes helper in activity monitor
    3. Delete or move "backup" folder in \Library\Application Support\MobileSync
    4. ssh into your iphone. "ssh root@ipaddress" ~ Google is your friend. Use it.
    5. cd \Library\Caches
    6. "ls" to list files and directories

    There should be 3 directories listed. Backup, Snapshots, and locationd. cd into each directory and create a new directory named "tmp". Move all directories under the aforementioned directories into the new tmp directory. Restart your iPhone, startup iTunes, perform backup.

    After I had successfully, to my surprise, performed the backup I ssh'd back into my iPhone. The \Library\Caches\Backup and Snapshots directories are empty aside from the new tmp directory and below. The locationd directory has all the files that were originally there. Take that with a grain of salt.

    I was at my wits end and really didn't care if I bricked my phone at this point. So… I went for broke and I'll be damned if it didn't fix it!

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