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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by cstoffregen, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. cstoffregen macrumors newbie

    Dec 20, 2005
    My iTunes crashes every time I try to launch it.
    I am using a 900mhz iBook G3.
    A few of things may have contributed this.
    I had updated the OS from 10.2 to 10.3.9 before it started to crash.
    I tried, unsuccessfully, to use a Firewire hub, it failed to be recognized by the OS.
    My iBook's logic board failed and needed repair (4th or 5th time).
    I have over 7,500 songs, so I don't want to have to delete the Library and reload the CDs one by one again.
    Now my iBook will not recognize the Firewire port.
    My iTunes Library is on an outboard Firewire/USB hard drive.
    I can locate the iTunes Library via the USB cable and play my music using QuickTime Player.
    I think that iTunes can't find the correct path to my Library and crashes.
    My OS 9 iTunes launches and plays a few files stored on the onboard hard drive.
    When it crashes, a request for me to send a crash report dialog box appears. I sent a few, with no replies.
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    Oct 21, 2003
    Portland, OR
    You won't get a reply..

    Please post the last entry in a crashlog as an attachment.

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