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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Logengrin03, Apr 7, 2014.

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    Apr 7, 2014
    I download 96K audio files using HDTracks and other sources. Using iTunes, is it possible to output hi-resolutuion audio files (96k) via the optical audio out on my mac? There seems to be mixed opinions. If I set my sample rate in audio settings (globally) to 96K, my Denon 5700 recognizes the 96K sample rate because that is what the clock is set at. Even if I play a file in iTunes that I know is standard CD 44.1K, my Denon still recognizes the 96K signal since that's what the clock is set at. But, if I play an AIFF file at 96K, does it output that file over optical at 96K or is it down-sampled? I know iTunes down-samples to 44.1 over AirPlay but I do not know how it behaves over the direct optical out. Anyone know?
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    If you can't hear the difference does it matter?

    That said. I Max OS X cn play "real" 96K audio via my Presonus audio interface. So it does to always downsample. What it does for the built-in audio interface might depend on which Mac you have. I think it only downsample in the cases where the interface can't handle the higher bit rate. If you can set your interface to 96K that is a good sign.

    The only way to prove it is with some test equipment and test files.

    I use 96k 24-bit for recording because I know I want to process the heck out of the data which can introduce noise. The final produce is typically 48K 16-bit for video.

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