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    Aug 24, 2010
    First post here, but this is the best forum I've found so hope you can give some advice.

    I received a new iPhone 4 through my employer yesterday, but when I tried to download the employer apps I needed from the Apps Store, I got the message that my iTunes account was disabled and I needed to contact Apple Support.

    Although I've not purchased anything through my iTunes account in almost a year, I was notified by Discover Card Fraud division last week that someone had used my credit card to purchase approximately $80 worth of goods through iTunes. (The card was not used for any purchases other than iTunes.) I rarely use this credit card, but it was the one tied to my iTunes account. Luckily, Discover caught the purchase or I would not have known until I received a statement. Anyway, we agreed to immediately shut the account down and they sent me a new card and I thought the issue was resolved.

    Before I even hooked up my new phone to the PC, I opened my iTunes account and changed the attached credit card to the new one. Saved with no problems, but when I go to the Apps Store I still receive the same "account disabled" message. I even tested further and cannot purchase anything including music.

    So I contacted Apple iPhone Support last night and got a really great support person who became the mediator between me and iTunes Support (since you can't call them). Bottom line, three hours later, the issue was unresolved and remains unresolved today. This is a WORK phone. I am not interested in buying any music, videos, or TV shows. I am simply trying to download my company's free apps from the Apps Store that will setup my email and calendar sync. I even tried to setup a new iTunes account, linked it to my PayPal account, and used a different email, but am still getting the same message. I explained this to Apple Support, they agreed this would not work but were very vague about why.

    Totally frustrated, and ready to pack up and return the iPhone, as a last resort I called the Discover Fraud number a little while ago. They tell me that this situation with iTune purchases and stolen credit card numbers is almost at epidemic levels now and has greatly increased over the past few months. Was their customer database breached?

    I received an email early this morning from Apple Support telling me they are sorry for the problem and will get back to me as soon as possible, but I just don't understand why this is so hard to fix! Like I said, the bogus purchases were NOT made from my iTunes account so why isn't it sufficient just to change my credit card number and restore the account?

    Sorry to sound so frustrated, but I really love this phone and want this to work. I so very much do not want to return to my Blackberry, but I must be able to get my work email, tasks and calendar info.

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    Have you tried setting your payment method to 'none'? If they're free apps, you don't even need a cc on file.

    Also, have you tried downloading the apps both from iTunes apps store and the iPhone app store app?

    One thing I can think of is to make sure your new itunes account you created is active and restore your iphone as a new iphone (don't restore from backup). That should link the iphone app store to that account (it sounds like it still is using the old one).
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    Jan 9, 2007
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    Why don't you simply create a new account? If you look on google you can find a guide to creating an iTunes account without a credit card, it's quite simple really. Then you could be on your way to downloading all the free apps you want.
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    Jun 9, 2011
    Itunes support is not only email support

    I RECENTLY EXPERIENCED 6 FRAUDS ALL REGARDING ITUNES! AND THE FIRST 2 INCIDENTS TOTALLED NEARLY $2000.00 CAD! and I can tell u I was stressed and concerned that waiting for iTunes support to contact me via email would take too long! So I PHONED apple support (now I know that apple support doesn't handle ITUNE PURCHASES ....but at that time I wasn't willing to wait 24-48 hours for someone to reply, which then my reply to that would mean another 24-48 hrs and this is just too serious to play the waiting game) so I had apple agent contact iTunes support.....well THE NATURE OF MY PROBLEM GOT ESCALATED TO THE POINT WHERE ITUNES RESORTED TO USING A PHONE (yes they called me: itunes senior advisor) TO ENSURE THAT COMMUNICATIONS WAS CLEAR! It's a bit hard to handle credit card disputes of such large sums via email! I even got them to expedite it to 3-5 day refund VS their usual 3-5 WEEKS!

    Just thought you might want to know! It's good to know iTunes does have a phone should they need it!

    BY THE WAY MY CREDIT CARD FRAUD HAS REACHED OVER $13,000.00 CAD and IT ALL HAS TO DO WITH ITUNES!! all of it! Since January 18- NOW!! JUNE!!! of 2011!!
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    Jun 9, 2011

    HEY BUDDY? IF U CREATE YOUR APPLE ITUNES ACCOUNT AND WANT TO NOT ATTACH YOUR CREDIT CARD TO IT "all u need to do (cuz by default none is selected??? ) is take your mouse and ACTUALLY CLICK ON THE "NONE" circle" yes u need to click on none!! I discovered this by accident when I created a second iTunes account and I was able to make a brand new account without ever entering my credit card in FROM THE START!! Just click on the circle to select none!! Think of it as highlighted, not selected!! So just click to select none!! Good luck!

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