(Itunes) Do I need ICloud for my use?

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    May 19, 2004
    A bit of background:
    I am nearly finished uploading my CDs to my IMac, and am now wondering whether to go over to the Cloud. I was previously planning to download (sync via Mobile ME) the music on the IMac to my 64 GB IPad and use the IPad with the audio system in the living room, with my IMac upstairs. I will soon see if they all fit. If not, then I will have to selectively sync. OR.....

    Is this what the Cloud is supposed to be for? I have been reading that once you go to the cloud you no longer need to (no longer CAN?) sync the old mobile.me way, and that stuff is in the cloud. Or, at least the stuff that cannot fit. But I have been reading people's comments about stuff not working. I understand ITunes Match (that you pay for) will make up the difference if you have more stuff than will fit.

    Actually, this is what I am not sure of. Does stuff actually stay on your Mac? I would prefer not to have stuff actually leave my Mac and go to the cloud.

    Unlike many, I do not travel. I do not need to have music when I travel. I just want to have my Imac collection on my Ipad and hopefully not have everything in the Cloud.

    I have me.com but hardly ever use the address (just a few emails forwarded to me at another address.) I do have lots of photos, but in Iphoto 11 I am not sure how you find out how much space the library takes up. I seem to have 26 GB of music files,though. And it seems that only 5GB of music is free in Icoud before having to purchase more space.

    I am probably misunderstanding a lot. Has anyone actually updated and experienced how Itunes selections are affected both on your Mac and a device like the IPhone or Ipad?

    Thank you!
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    Why not sync via iTunes? You can plug in and sync quickly, and then do updates with Wifi syncing? I can't imagine MobileMe had any usefulness for you for music, so I'm not sure where that's coming from.

  3. arenson, Feb 10, 2012
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    Thanks for the response. I guess I was (am) confused. I thought that Itunes would no longer sync as it does now. I always used to sync with a cable. (Did not know that you can update over Wifi, although I have noticed that stuff I used to use a cable for, such as APPS, now can be done over WIFI).

    To confirm:

    1) So Itunes sync will still work as it does if I do not choose to go over to the cloud?

    2) I still be able to move some or all pictures over to the IPad the same way I do now?

    If so, then I don't think I need the Cloud or Match (I am in Japan and not sure we even have the Match program).

    I do not need my mobile me address. I do not need to have documents duplicated across devices. I just want to go on as I have.

    I understand you can have stuff in the cloud so you can have access to it all the time. But I don't travel. I just want my muisc selection in the living room and upstairs in my room. I am surprised to hear you don't need ICloud, because it would seem then that it is overhyped.

    thank you!

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