iTunes does not recognize iPhone 8 after iOS 12 update


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Sep 18, 2018
Hello, I was wondering if anyone else is expericinging this same issue.

Just before the iOS 12 update, I plugged my iPhone 8 into my MacBook air (2013, which is also updated to news OS) and it backed up the phone and installed the software perfectly fine onto the phone.

However, now when I plug into my MacBook, it doesn't recognize the phone at all. Nothing happens, no syncing, no showing the device in iTunes -- nothing! The phone only charges while being connected.

This is ridiculous. Any tips?


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Feb 26, 2014
Maybe the USB protection mode.

And if not that, try a different cable if one around: bad cables do cause squirrelly behaviour.
I have exactly the same behavior with my iPhone X. Both the iPhone and cable are brand new (I purchased it tuesday), with iOS 11.4.1 everything was ok, after iOS 12, nothing. Actually I made a thread about it as well about 20 mn ago
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