iTunes doesn't see iPhone unless it's connected by cable

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    Sep 9, 2008
    It seems like in the past month or so iTunes (11.1.5) has gotten really bad at refraining from ejecting my iPhone (5s, iOS 7.1) or iPad (v3, iOS 7.1) should I unplug either from their respective USB port.

    It use to be that I could sync either wirelessly or with a cable because either way they would stay listed in the iTunes device list and iTunes and the devices would have no trouble seeing each other. Now it seems that they only way I can get iTunes to see the devices is with a cable connection and as soon as I unplug the cable they each get dropped from the device list.

    Sometimes I would have issues with this but I always got it working again by, say, unchecking and re-applying the "sync this device wirelessly" setting. But now nothing I try seems to work: e,g,. not quitting iTunes and then unplugging the devices, then restarting iTunes hoping the device listing in iTunes persists.

    Has anyone encountered this? Any remedies?

    (FWIW, I'm also going to post this query in the Mac applications forum.)
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    May 18, 2008
    After an update (7.1 in this case) you have to re-establish the "sync with iTunes over wifi" option once the device is physically plugged in. From there you should be able to continue as normal.

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