iTunes email account different from iCloud account?

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    Hey guys,

    I've activated iCloud using my personal email account (the same Gmail account I use for my iTunes ID) and now I have a new email from iCloud.

    The primary email account holder for my iCloud account is my gmail - same my as iTunes account.

    Is there any negative to this, should I be somehow using my email as my iCloud email address? I can't see any option to change this email other than deleting my iCloud account which would ofourse also delete the associated email.

    Also, I'm using my iPhone and iPad to backup to iCloud and already my 5gb storage is full, I have just upgraded to 50gb. I have my backups sent to iCloud not my Mac - how does this work as even 50gb is not enough to back up my entire iPad and iPhone?

    I'm getting a little confused.
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    You can very well use your ID as your primary ID for logging into your as well as other store accounts. There's nothing negative in this.
    Also, there's some complication in managing two IDs from the same device. Here's a post that explains the complication. Just have a look at it.
    And at present, Apple will not be providing more than 50 GB of storage space right now. May be they would provide with more storage very soon!
  3. vitzr macrumors 68030


    Jul 28, 2011
    This can be a very confusing situation indeed.

    First one must create an Apple ID, which will always be comprised of our outside email address.

    Next when enrolling in a past cloud service like MobileMe, we are issued an email address.

    The same thing will happen with those who are new and do not have the old MobileMe, or Mac email.

    Thus we have one Apple ID & Apple issued email address.

    Where it becomes confusing is these email addresses also function as Apple ID's.

    Perhaps someone will come along with further clarification.

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