iPhone iTunes errors due to host file pointing to Cydia

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    This fixes iTunes error 21 for users attempting to update to 6.1 and do the upcoming Jailbreak...

    How to fix iTunes error code 14 and error 21 with iOS 6.1 update on iPhone 5? I downloaded the newest iOS 6.1 update and it failed to update on my iPhone 5 (on my PC). Now my iPhone 5 is stuck in recovery mode and I have to restore it. When I go to update and restore the phone, it extracts the software, prepares the iphone for restore, waits for the iphone, verifies iphone, and then gets stuck on restoring iphone. iTunes give me error 14, then error 21 please help me.


    So I had this issue too. I would get an error 21 when restoring from recovery mode and an error 1600 when restoring in DFU. I was trying to upgrade from 6.0.1 to 6.1 (iPhone 5) and it turned out to be my hosts file. back up the hosts file somewhere and delete everything under the 127.******* local host line and save it. worked like a charm after I did this, no error 21. Not sure if this will help you but it helped me. Good Luck.

    Navigate to C:Windows>System>32drivers>etc and locate “hosts” file.


    You can also download modified hosts File and copy it here C:WindowsSystem32driversetc
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    To resolve the iTunes Error 21 in order to restore your iPhone/iPod touch, connect to your device into DFU mode first to get by following the instructions according to your device, The steps below will help getting into DFU mode in case you do not know how to:
    Connect your device to your PC or Mac via a USB cable and launch iTunes.
    Hold Home + Power button for 10 seconds.
    After 10 seconds release the power button off, but keep the Home button pressed until iTunes a little device in recovery mode you find there.
    Once your device into DFU mode, you see nothing on the screen, only a black image.
    If you successfully performed these steps, iTunes will give you a message that a device was found in Recovery Mode and restore it. Now you SHIFT + Restore in iTunes button to press together, so that iTunes can refer to the iOS firmware to which you are restoring to. If you have followed these steps you should be able to get rid of the iTunes Error 21 while restoring your iPhone. Now you have fixed iTunes error 21, and your iPhone can be restored to an ipsw custom firmware.

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