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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by latisha1903, Oct 2, 2010.

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    I have a WD external hard drive that I got for the holiday's last year.

    Here lately I've been using it as my iTunes library. A great way to free up some space on my Powerbook g4.

    Question is, why does iTunes keep changing my library folder after I'd already changed it when I initially set up the hard drive as my iTunes library destination?

    Another question is how do I make sure that all my music files automatically go to the folder on the external hard drive when I download music. For example I may snag a free song from a website and will double click it after downloading and it plays in itunes. I want that file to be saved on my external hard drive as well (yes it's plugged up and plugged in).

    I only have an 8g ipod so I have to constantly check and uncheck songs that I want to hear, so I want to be sure they are all in the same locale.

    And one way I know that certain files are on my internal and not external is when i unplug my external those files still play when they shouldn't unless it's plugged up.

    Thanks in advance!
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    are you making sure the drive is mounted before firing up iTunes ?

    in iTunes > preferences > advanced, is iTunes media folder location pointing to the external ? also, is there a tick in the box next to copy files to ... when adding to library ?

    no you don't. with the iPod connected, go to the summary tab and enable convert higher bit rate ... to 128 kbps

    with iTunes media folder location pointing to the external, consolidate your library: file > library > organize library > consolidate files.

    when done, ensure all your files are on the external by right-clicking random files and get info. check the summary tab for the path leading to the location of the originals.

    when done, you may want to delete the contents of <MacintoshHD>/users/<yourname>/music/iTunes/iTunes music.

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