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    Jul 2, 2011
    I just got a Philips LED HDTV and I am trying to find a solution to stream content that is on my MacPro to the TV. I am NOT interested in streaming from subscription sites, neither movies from the iTunes store, but simply wish to watch the occasional Quicktime .m4v, .mov or .eyetv movie files on my TV wirelessly via my Airport Extreme. I am wondering if you folks can advise me on the viability of these two options:

    1) Using AppleTV
    1.1) Can I stream movies stored in iTunes to AppleTV wirelessly and in reasonable quality?
    1.2) What about movies on my HDD that are not imported into iTunes?
    1.3) What about eyetv recordings? Will I need to export .eyetv first to .m4v?

    2) Getting a Philips USB WLAN stick to connect to my WLAN and purchasing eyeconnect to set my MacPro up as a UPnP server? Will this allow me to stream iTunes movie files and eyetv recordings to my TV set?

    Both options amount +/- to the same costs. My decision will depend entirely on their viability.

    My MacPro 2009 runs on OS10.6.8 at present. Perhaps I'll update to 10.8 some time.

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