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    Hi Forum,

    I have come across an issue I can't seem to figure out. My family keeps thier music media on an ipod Touch, an original ipod (whatever they are called), cell phone mp3, and a Nintendo DS.

    I have no problems with the two Apple products as itunes is geared towards them. However, the other two need mp3 file formats.

    Here are my questions:

    I know that I can go into system preferences and fix this to import cd's into mp3, however, if this is done, can the mp3 formated songs be played on my ipods?

    Will mp3's import properly into imovie 08?

    Can I covert songs already in itunes in AAC format to mp3 and vice versa or do I need to go to the attic and get our cd collection out again?


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    1) The iPod is an MP3 player, so why wouldn't it be able to play these files!? :D
    In fact, it supports the following codecs:

    - MP3 (from 32 to 320 Kbps, and VBR)
    - AIFF
    - WAV
    - M4A, M4P, M4B
    - Apple Lossless Encoder​

    You can find more information on compatible file types here.

    2) Yes, MP3s are fully compatible with iMovie '08. You can import them via drag and drop or the iMovie file menu.

    3) Yes, you can convert AAC files to the MP3 format.
    However, it would probably be a good idea to re-encode the original CDs, because transcoding usually involves a loss of quality!

    Also keep in mind that the AAC and MP3 formats are lossy! The codecs lose quality (more or less depends on the bitrate) during the encoding/compressing process.
    If you want to preserve your CDs digitally without losing any of their quality, you should consider keeping a seperate lossless library.
    Sure the lossless files are much bigger than MP3s, but the only way to preserve the full quailty of your audio CDs!!!
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