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    I am probably getting myself in more trouble than actually helping the problem, but here goes. I am trying to clean up my iTunes folder because it is a mess. Well I have all my songs in the folder and then in the Is there is a folder called 'iTunes Music' and it has the folders of each individual artist. I am considering deleting these files that aren't in artist folders because they seem to be copies. Does iTunes automatically make copies of all the songs? Is it ok to delete these? I'm sorry if this is unclear, I don't know how to explain it very accurately
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    I wouldn't start deleting files without being sure what they are...

    If you have enough hard disk space (internally or externally) the best thing you can do is to make a new folder somewhere with enough space, then tell iTunes to "Keep iTunes Music folder organized" and Change "iTunes Music folder location" to the newly made folder. You find both settings in iTunes preferences -> Advanced. Then from iTunes Advanced menu perform "Consolidate Library...". This will take a while, since iTunes will copy all the music that's in you're Library to that new location. After that you can delete any music files you find other places, because your iTunes library will be consolidated... ;)

    The above procedure is what Apple suggest the best way of Moving your iTunes Music Folder, so read that for more details.

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