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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Tech198, Mar 14, 2012.

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    When using Itunes Gift Cards, can the codes be shared with a different Apple ID or not ?

    I have an Itunes account with a Gift card, in place and available credit.

    Howver, for security reasons, I would want my mate to have his own Itunes account, but using the same Gift card. That way we could share the same credit. This is-do-able ?

    Also, when your credit is used up, How do you permantly assoiate a new Gift card to your Itunes account ?

    At firft glace, if you click the "Redeem" link in Quick Links scetion, it takes you to a page to enter the code.. Looks like you don't need to sign in. In which case also looks like, its on a "per perchase" "per-rental" basis.

    Reason why I ask, I currently have no credit card on file. When I set up my itunes account, I chose to enter the redeeom code instead. Since it looks like its only valid for this card, I would like to change this when i get a new card, so all credit will still work automatically as it does now.
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    The gift card to my knowledge has a "one time use" code. Meaning you click REDEEM, enter the code, THEN it makes you sign in, and applies the ENTIRE amount of the gift card to your iTunes account. For example, I REDEEM a $50 gift card, which wipes the gift card out and then I have $50 available for use in the iTunes store that you can then use as you wish. You can NOT share a single gift card between multiple Apple IDs, which is why a lot of time retailers will sell multiple gift cards as a single package, such as a $40 pack containing 4x$10 cards.

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