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    So last year I got a flash drive, finally accepting that I should back up my music, as I knew I would be devastated if I ever lost it all, and it would be a huge pain to get it back. So I bought a flash drive, and since then have routinely saved my iTunes library to it.

    I've never needed to use it up until today. I was messing with my folders, trying to clear up space (my Music folder is a mess, there are multiples everywhere, and I think I have my entire library saved about 4 times), and I somehow deleted all my songs.

    I panicked for a second, then remembered my handy flash drive in my desk! I figured, ok, no big deal, so I popped it in, and copy pasted the music from it back to my now empty iTunes library. Everything went without a problem, and I came back after lunch to my fully restored iTunes library, back to normal.

    Except for one thing: for every song, the date added is today, 8/6/2011, which is a big problem, because I sort my music from newest to oldest, usually listening to my recently added stuff only. Of course when I go to my recently added folder, every single song is there, since they were all just added.

    On my flash drive, all the songs have the correct date, but for some reason, that did not transfer over when I copied my songs. What should I do to fix this?

    Oh, and since I haven't synced my iPhone since all this happened, I still have the original order of songs on there, along with the recently added playlist. I'm not sure if iPhones save the date added onto every song like it does with iTunes, but if it does, then could I copy all my songs from there back into iTunes?

    edit: oh, I forgot to say, I have a pc (unfortunately :(), so I'm not sure if that would be a factor. I know this forum is for mac apps, but I don't know where else to post this, and I didn't think it would be too different either way.
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    The "date added" is the date you've added (via drag & drop itunes store purchase) the files to the iTunes library. So, if you've just re-added all the songs in your library to iTunes, it'll show the same date (in your case 8/6/2011) for all of them.

    what you'll need to do, is to sort by "date modified" instead. It'll not be the same as "date added" but in many instances it's pretty close.

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    Thanks for your help. That sort of works, but for the date modified, iTunes uses the date I added it to the flash drive, so they're still all clumped together (I usually only backed up every few weeks).

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